Franklin Hart offer a range of services to the third sector based on more than 30 years’ experience.


Including an external consultant in a change process can keep costs down, add clear external focus and bring to bear additional skills and resources.


Working with specialist associates, Caro Hart offers consultancy to organisations in three main areas; managing change and the development of services; training and the development of bespoke courses for both volunteers and staff & project design and management including Prince2 methods.


Franklin Hart also offers a range of off-the–peg resources. On the publications page, you will find free briefs and other materials. We also deliver two training programmes which cover a range of management and planning issues:

  • Challenges and change in charities


  • Aspects of managing development

Challenges and change looks at preparing organisations for dealing with major changes, both planned for and unexpected, and dealing with all kinds of challenges. Aspects of managing development is about supporting what a charity does, developing new services and raising standards. For further details of the individual courses and when they are taking place, please see the Courses & Events page.

Values & Principles


We believe in the power of the third sector to address many of the ills of society and to make a real difference.

We believe in the power of volunteering to create rich and innovative ways of working and connections that could not be achieved any other way.

We believe in working ethically and with due regard to the principles of equality and valuing diversity.

We strive to act with respect in all our dealings with others and to be honest and trustworthy.